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Welcome to Thornton Amplifiers


October 2015:

Had a great day at the Leeds/Bradford Guitar Show exhibiting and demonstrating amplifiers and loudspeakers.  Met some great players and got some very complimentary feedback.  Looking forward to the next show.....

November 2015:

Another good day exhibiting amplifiers and loudspeakers at Aintree Guitar Show.  Thanks to all who visited our demo room and for the positive feedback and comments.  Very happy that so many people get what we're about and are so supportive of British craftsmanship.

December 2015:

We're starting to get some demo videos together and posting them to our YouTube Channel.  Please take a look and subscribe to the channel to see new videos as they arrive.

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About us (briefly...)

Thornton Amplifiers develops and builds hand crafted guitar amplifiers with very exacting standards and superlative tonal qualities.  The Dexter Amplifiers (Combo and Head versions) are tonally very versatile amplifiers with 2 independent channels plus 2 custom modes, Schizoid and Psycho.  We don't build 'clone' amplifiers, we prefer to offer something new and with a twist, but with circuitry firmly rooted in the glory of true valve hand wired goodness.

Our amplifiers are built in the North of England, one-by-one, with strict attention to detail and workmanship.  We offer the antidote to the mass production far eastern soul-less approach of making guitar amplifiers.  We believe that your amplifier is as important a musical instrument as your chosen guitar.  You wouldn't compromise on your choice of guitar, so you shouldn't have to compromise on your amplifier... we don't.