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Attention to Detail in all departments....

Our cabinets are available in tough vinyl covered premium grade birch plywood, using our signature vinyl materials, or in a variety of the highest quality hardwoods.  We believe that an amplifier should look as good as it sounds so we make every effort to house our beautiful tone in beautiful cabinets.  Not just beautiful but solid too.  We use the best hand-crafting methods and materials to produce extremely strong joints for a lifetime of faithful service.


Premium Plywood:

Precision hand crafted finger jointing for optimum strengthPrecision hand crafted finger jointing for optimum strength

Using the best voidless sheet materials, we construct our cabinets with accurately finger-jointed corners and trench grooved baffle assemblies.

The accuracy of our craftsmenship is such that our cabinets can be dry assembled (without glue or covering) and will still survive a drop from 2 metres, unlike the very commonly used rebate joint that is to be found on many other builders' cabinets, including 'high profile' manufacturers.

They are of course glued together using the best of modern wood adhesives, making them extremely strong and ready for a lifetime of gigging.

Our choice of materials and our 30-plus years of craftmanship ensure a cabinet with the right tonal qualities that can be relied upon for decades to come.



Our unique cross-grain trapezoidal slot key jointingOur unique cross-grain trapezoidal slot key jointingPremium Hardwood:

The ultimate quality hardwood option cabinetry begins with hand selecting only the best timbers then meticulously crafting our 'no compromise' cabinets to the highest standards.

Our signature cross-grain slot-key corner jointing method is both extremely strong and beautiful.  We often use dissimilar timbers for this type of joint which creates a stunning accent as well as strength.  That said, we also use the same type of timber as the main cabinet's species.  This results in a more subtle but equally beautiful effect since the grain direction is purposely opposed for ultimate joint strength.

Finally, the timber is treated with several coats of natural oils and top coats of natural wax.

We have made cabinets using Oak, Pippy Oak, Sapele, Elm and Walnut and are always looking out for suitable timber stock for future builds.  Hardwood cabinets tend to be heavier than their plywood counterparts but are still portable and very suitable for live work as well as being a stunning addition as a recording studio rig.