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Looking for the Best of British?

Custom TL12A1 Alnico Loudspeaker DriverCustom TL12A1 Alnico Loudspeaker Driver

We believe that the significance of the loudspeaker in a guitar amplification system should never be under-estimated.  Its relationship with the output transformer in a valve amplifier is so critical to the tone that it became necessary for us to develop our own custom drivers in order to achieve the tone, the quality and the attention to detail that we were looking for.

Exclusively hand crafted in England for Thornton Amplifiers, the models TL12A1 (Alnico magnet) and TL12C1 (Ceramic magnet), are the result of many months of meticulous development, testing and listening in close collaboration with our good friends at Fane Acoustics here in England. 

Fane have a glorious and indisputable guitar loudspeaker history.  Some of the most influential musicians and amplifier manufacturers achieved their legendary guitar tones using Fane loudspeaker drivers and we are proud to be a part of that  tradition over 50 years after it began.

Fane Acoustics was the natural choice for us.  It's the only company that can provide all the skills and facilities that we consider vital:

*          A truly British owned company

*          Products hand built in England

*          Custom voice coils hand wound by extremely experienced UK staff - essential for consistent tone

*          Locally engineered critical motor unit components - also essential for consistent tone

*          Custom tuning of critical chassis assembly parameters

*          Complete and transparent accountability of processes and component sources


Custom TL12C1 Ceramic Loudspeaker DriverCustom TL12C1 Ceramic Loudspeaker DriverAll aspects of a loudspeaker's design and assembly are absolutely critical to consistently achieving the right tone and it will be of no surprise to hear that the voice coil is high on that list. 

We had very specific requirements for the voice coils used in our loudspeaker drivers in terms of former material, geometry and electrical characteristics.

Our voice coils are individually hand wound in England by Fane's much valued staff member, Mary Hunter.  Mary's skill and experience might be considered globally unique.  She has been winding the highest quality voice coils at Fane for decades and her commitment to the art adds a special dimension to the tone.  Only Fane can offer this.

Our magnet plates and pole pieces are precision engineered here in Yorkshire - a part of England that has a long, proud history of steel engineering.  This gives us the accuracy and consistency that is critical to produce the best available loudspeaker drivers, and from a company that is just a short drive away.

Our amplifiers and loudspeaker drivers state "Hand Built in England" on the labels.  We feel that our customers deserve to know from where exactly our products originate.